Commercial real estate marketing & technology insights
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When it comes to marketing Commercial Real Estate (CRE), failing to plan is planning to fail. Without a strategy, you're waving "hello" to your stakeholders in the dark. All your efforts are moot if the world doesn't know what you have to offer!

Gone are the days of flyer distribution. Now, even flyers have gone digital! We divulge insider marketing strategies here to ramp up your Commercial Real Estate game.

#1: Know Your Audience

Communication is seldom one-size-fits-all. Understanding your target demographic can make the difference between a strike-out and a home-run. Research your competitors for an idea, and consider the below.

  • Is your audience digital-savvy?

This will help you distribute your investments between digital and print.

  • Are you reaching a lower, middle, or upscale market?

Tailor your language, design, and tone to resonate with the specific audience.

  • Is there a commercial sector you are reaching? What are their interests and concerns?

Appeal with related content and keywords to boost your SEO.

#2: Segment Demographics

Aim small, miss small! A wider net may bring in a larger quantity of leads, but not necessarily of the best quality. Segment and appeal to each demographic with an individual set of channels, websites, and marketing collaterals.

#3: Map Out a Plan

Winging it never pans out. It causes leaks in resources and poor return on investments (ROIs). Instead of shooting blanks, strategize a marketing plan that includes the below:

  • Objectives
  • Target segment
  • Allocated budget
  • Timeline
  • Detailed task delegation
  • Marketing assets & channels
  • Tracking metrics

#4: Revamp Marketing Collaterals

As times change, so do the needs of your stakeholders. Refresh your marketing strategy to stay relevant. An annual review and tweaking of your marketing objectives, approach, and strategies can help you stay agile. Consider upgrading your website with new features such as 360-views for a winning edge.

#5: Spend Wisely

To pay or not to pay, that is the question. Many marketers meander through social media platforms, property websites, and commercial real estate listings, wondering if forking out for ads might yield good ROIs. The secret solution involves a balanced mixture. Here's a quick guide that might help.

Paid Content:

  • Requires monetary investments.
  • Buys visibility on website banners, search engines, and social media.

Earned Content:

  • No money required.
  • Considerable time investment for content generation and PR.
  • Includes organic search results and mentions on external social media accounts, forums, and blogs.

Owned Content:

  • Budget dependent on in-house capabilities.
  • Includes your own social media account, blog, website, and email marketing.

#6: Use Keywords for SEO

Marketing Commercial Real Estate today is a whole new game involving keyword strategy. Applying A/B testing together with Google Keyword Planner can help you get insights on the Commercial Real Estate market, and find effective keywords that can boost your ranks in organic search results and commercial property search engines.

#7: Stay in Touch with Prospects

The crystal ball is filled with opportunities, so always value your prospects! Responsive, exceptional customer service is crucial to backing effective marketing strategies. Become a part of your prospects' lives by sending out regular commercial real estate email marketing and updates. Many platforms like MailChimp and RealHound can help you organize and send these EDMs.

#8: Become a Thought Leader

As the world becomes educated and digitally savvy, hard-selling is now obsolete. It’s thus essential to be at the frontier of your industry with the latest news and valuable information. By keeping your corporate blog or social media account regularly updated, informative, and interesting, you'll be able to boost your reputation, reliability, and visibility.

#9: Employ Useful Tools

With so many chessboard pieces, you need tools to organize and execute your marketing activities while preventing overlooks. Employing marketing software can improve spending efficiency through insights on deliverables, digital metrics, and conversions. Here are some suggestions.

#10: Use Shortcuts like Flyer

So many channels, so little time! It all boils down to organization. Keeping track of a detailed picture is tedious, tumultuous, and time-consuming. That's why centralizing all your listings in one place is the perfect solution. Whether it's email campaigns, listing sites, or interactive maps, Flyer automatically syncs and distributes your Commercial Real Estate marketing materials, making the job a breeze.

Wrapping it up

Quite literally, marketing is the packaging of your commercial real estate. You'll need to wrap it up with the right channels and tone to strike a chord. Stop shooting blanks! We hope these tips will effectively help you to hone your Commercial Real Estate marketing strategies for a win.